Sell Your Services Online


Make more revenue by selling your business capabilities directly to people who live and work in the buildings you operate.

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Provide Self-service Building Portals


Empower your clients and staff with online tools so they can take control of how their workplace is maintained.

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Manage Your Workforce Dynamically


A collaborative way for you, your staff and your suppliers to ensure the jobs get done

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Find Hidden Energy Savings


Cost effectively measure which systems in your buildings are using the most energy and measure the results of savings initiatives

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Track Health Of Critical Assets


Remotely monitor critical building systems for early signs of failure and prevent breakdowns before they happen.

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Building Operators use our cloud platform to enhance and extend the range of services they provide to buildings they manage…

Here are five simple ways we help.

Sell Direct To Occupants

Sell Direct To Occupants

Now every person in every building can become your customer, generating new revenue you never thought was possible.

Self Service Buildings

Self Service Buildings

The same old maintenance tasks can be delivered in a completely different way, for less overhead and better client satisfaction.

Workforce Job Portals

Workforce Job Portals

Harness the power of your supply chain and manage their delivery so you can bring more to your customers.

Multi-Site Energy Analysis

Multi-Site Energy Analysis

Identify what systems in which buildings use the most energy, set targets, measure and verify the results of savings initiatives.

Critical Asset Monitoring

Critical Asset Monitoring

Monitor critical building systems remotely for early signs of failure and prevent breakdowns before they happen.

Who uses Urbanise.com

Building Operators

Every building in the world needs to be cleaned, maintained and kept secure; someone needs to manage these activities as well as administer all the other services that are provided to the building, its owners and its occupants. Generically, we refer to organisations that do this as Building Operators.

Depending on the size, usage and ownership structure of a building, the operation role can be provided by different groups (or sometimes a mixture of them). Each of the following organisations use Urbanise.com to extend and enhance the maintenance operation and service delivery they provide to buildings and the people that live or work in them.

Corporate Real Estate Owners

Corporate Real Estate Owners are any large business that owns a significant Real Estate Portfolio. Examples can be Listed Property Developers, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and even Property Teams within large Corporations that own their own offices.

If these organisation actively manage their buildings using internal staff they use Urbanise.com to administer all planned maintenance, breakdown repair and energy optimisation activities within their buildings. Alternatively, if they outsource these activities, they can administer and track their suppliers performance versus expenditure.

Property Managers

Property Managers are organisations that manage buildings on behalf of their owners, typically focusing on the administration and renting of space but can also be responsible for co-ordinating maintenance and service provision.

Property Managers use Urbanise.com to issue and receive payments for service charges as well as to sell lifestyle services to tenants. Building occupants in client sites can report issues and see when they have been resolved. Behind the scenes they can administer the workforce of third party suppliers to execute maintenance jobs on behalf of their clients, as well as report whether agreed service level targets have been met.

Facility Managers

Facility Managers are organisations that manage the lifecycle of building assets on behalf of their owners, typically focusing on the maintenance of the assets. They are responsible for the coordination of service provision, either self delivered or outsourced.

Facility Managers use Urbanise.com to coordinate their field force (internal or sub-contracted) to execute maintenance tasks for their clients across different building sites. They can provide self-service portals for each client to enable convenient issue logging and resolution reporting as well the ability to order and pay for variable services that are not included within their contract.

Service Providers

Service Providers are organisations that provide a specific building service under contract to the owner or manager. Specialist services can range from telecoms and energy through to lift and chiller repairs.

Service Providers use Urbanise.com to manage the entire lifecycle of service delivery to their client base whether they are residential or commercial. Customer management, order management, service fulfilment, billing and payments are all managed from a virtual operations centre that can coordinate delivery of multiple service lines through a convenient online customer self service experience.