Streamline your operations with cloud technology

The optimised view of the Urbanise Contact Centre enables the help desk to effortlessly carry out all tasks with visibility and transparency thereby streamlining processes, optimising workflows and improving customer service.

Put your help desk online

No one likes to wait on a call centre help desk. The Urbanise self-service portal makes it much easier for your customers to get help. They register requests when it suits them, and receive updates on task progress in real time. This can reduce help desk call times, improve request response times, saving up to 30% from your operational overhead costs.

Manage your suppliers effortlessly

Urbanise doesn’t just streamline customer support: it simplifies supplier management, too. Set up as many supplier accounts as you like. Then, when a customer submits a support request to your help desk, you can allocate the job to suppliers immediately — and track progress as it happens on the platform. Your suppliers can now get on with doing the job with more efficient processes and a more productive end result.

Uncover new efficiencies

Your online support centre tracks customer, task and supplier history to give you a complete view of field-force productivity and customer satisfaction. Real-time updates on job closure and next actions, along with customer feedback ratings and pictures of finished work, let you create more efficient processes while raising customer service standards.

  • Improve response times by up to 50%.
    You’ll always know where your engineers are, and what they’re working on, so you can allocate them to the nearest clients.
  • Boost first-time fix rates by up to 25%.
    With on-site access to detailed client histories, your engineers are better prepared for each job.
  • Decrease call-backs, and reduce call times by up to 80%.

Real-time updates and customer satisfaction ratings help improve your field-force and customer relationships from day one.



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Take back control of your building

Customer support and supplier management used to be a hassle. The Urbanise Contact Centre makes it a pleasure. With complete, real-time access to customer and supplier service ordering, bookings, purchase history, billing and payments, you can move beyond basic service provision to become truly strategic about facilities management. Our online help desk represents an opportunity to keep your workforce efficient and your customers happy.

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