Councils and municipalities play a crucial role in the running of cities and the quality of life of its citizens. Urbanise offers them the tools to provide smarter services to their communities, neighbourhoods and residents.

World of opportunities

Building Service Delivery is just the beginning. Urbanise delivers completely new potential to your business. Here’s how. 

Effortless communication with stakeholders

With a customised website and secure portal, MyCommunity enables council residents to self-service their home or investment. It also provides powerful marketing and communication tools including SMS gateway and a community wall, making information sharing easy and reducing the amount of incoming enquiries.

Sell services to residents

An attractive opportunity for councils and municipalities is to offer value added services to the residents who live and work in their neighbourhoods, councils and regions they operate. Urbanise unites e-commerce tools with service management capabilities to let you offer value-added services to residents online. Now you can plan, deploy, and sell services to thousands of building occupants in a matter of minutes, using only your existing resources and generating new revenue streams.