Sell services directly to your tenants

The Urbanise Platform combines the power of e-commerce with a service management engine that plans and deploys your workforce dynamically.

Promote your services online

The Urbanise Platform is designed specifically for selling building services. Using the service catalogue tool to set up your business model, you can design, deploy and promote a whole range of new services in minutes via a building or community self-service portal. It’s a innovative way to take your services into homes, shops, towers and cities.

Create new revenue streams

Urbanise allows traditional building operators to proactively generate new revenue streams.

  • Customers order and pay for services, manage bookings and track jobs easily and conveniently — improving customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Online portal expands customer reach and potential
    market for services at no extra cost. 
  • New services, streamlined delivery and expanded customer reach result in growing revenues.



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Buying services has never been easier

At Urbanise we believe in improving the customer journey. With a click to pay model, the customer experience is fast, easy and convenient.

Generating Additional Revenue from Services

Success Story

A longtime Urbanise customer perfectly illustrates the substantial benefits of our e-commerce platform. They enjoyed a 210% increase in recurring revenue over a two-year period — growing from 3,000 to 30,000 active customers. During that time, the customer generated more than $20 million by simply offering building residents the same services performed every day, but packaged as an online offering.