If you’re looking for a way to do FM better, you’ve found it. The days of expensive, ineffective CAFM software are over. Urbanise redefines the traditional facilities management cost/revenue model, and our software helps you tap entirely new revenue streams and cost savings. Are you ready to see facilities management in a whole new light?

World of opportunities

Building Service Delivery is just the beginning. Urbanise delivers completely new potential to your business. Here’s how.

Sell services to occupants

The most attractive opportunity for facility management companies is to provide value added services to the people who live and work in the buildings they operate. Urbanise unites e-commerce tools with service management capabilities to let you sell value-added services to tenants right online. Now you can plan, deploy, and sell services to thousands of building occupants in a matter of minutes, using only your existing resources and generating new revenue streams.

Monitor assets remotely

Wish you had crystal-clear visibility over every asset in your portfolio? Urbanise has developed a cloud based remote asset monitoring solution for buildings and distributed asset portfolios. Smart sensors are retrofitted to key assets giving you real-time updates on the health of buildings and distributed assets, without the cost or hassle of PPMs.

Pay as you grow

CAFM software can make up to 80% of their revenues from implementation
and consulting fees. Urbanise is different.

We provide our software as a service, over the internet. And our subscription
model lets you scale your costs as your business grows.

  • No special equipment.
  • No servers.
  • No data centre.
  • No mandatory implementation costs.
  • No hidden consulting fees.


With Urbanise, you’ll only ever pay for what you use.