Monitoring Platform Update: 23/02/2016

Posted on February 23, 2016
  • More compact, visual display of all Locations at the Customer level
  • Visual “LCD style” site display designed for sites with hundreds of sensors
  • Full support for Operator users to add sensors, gateways and configure sites without the need for Super User access
  • Ability for Operators to create new, and copy existing Profiles
  • Updated “Gateways” view within “Systems & Sensors” that shows battery and signal strength to help diagnose install problems
  • Battery and Signal now visible without creating additional sensors (on the above mentioned Gateways page)
  • Various improvements to navigation including the addition of “breadcrumbs”
  • Ability for Super Users to move Locations between Customers
  • Implemented a QR “Stock Control” system for sensors not yet installed
  • Device audit logs to track movement between Locations & Customers
  • Added support for Current (Amp) sensor
  • General bug fixes