MyCommunity Update: 23/02/2016

Posted on February 23, 2016

Version: 3.7.1


  • New client login widget
  • Widget now renders correctly on mobile devices
  • Print report option added to:
    • Collections
    • Annual Budget
    • Income vs Expenditure
    • Account Payable
  • The “What’s on” section on the Community page now shows complete event/notice when clicked


  • All ajax made faster and shows correct loader to display processing status
  • Client widget improved, now it supports “on site” error display and password recovery
  • Weather widget improvements on the Lobby screen

Performance & Refactoring

  • All the ajax request is faster now (Eg: No more hanging while selecting different filters)
  • Refactored and improved code base

Bug Fixes

  • Various issues in My Request page
  • Filters on the financial pages improved
  • Community pages login redirect issues and error not showing issues
  • Map coordinates update (cache issue)
  • South African levy payments screen issue