Urbanise Strata Update (54)

Posted on April 2, 2019

Todays update introduces a screen that allows you to transfer a property to another Urbanise “Client ID” yourself, meaning you no longer need to submit a help desk request in order to transfer properties.

It also introduces a number of improvements to Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Suppliers, Work Orders, Tasks and more. Continue reading for details…

Note that in the bullet points you’ll see a link at the end of each item formatted as [PHX-0000], these are for our own internal reference and link to our development tools. Feel free to ignore them. 🙂


  • Property Transfer: A new screen that allows you to transfer a property to another Urbanise CID (or “archive” it). [PHX-3411]
  • Delete Levy Receipt: Delete levy receipts in the General Ledger. [PHX-3843]
  • Unit List: This screen now supports ‘master CID’ access. [PHX-4026]


  • Session Expiry: The session expiry has been extended from 8 to 10 hours. [PHX-4146 & PHX-4107]
  • Accounts Receivable: The ‘due date’ field has been removed from the invoice details screen. [PHX-3232]
  • Suppliers: BSB selector replaces the ‘free type’ field. [PHX-3670]
  • Work Orders: You can now remove a supplier from a quoted work order in ‘insert’ mode. [PHX-3238]
  • Work Orders: Emails now honour the ‘use for’ value in the address book. [PHX-3928]
  • Tasks: An “Escalation User” option has been added to system tasks to support the upcoming debt collection enhancements. [PHX-3718]
  • Tasks: A new system task for “Commence debt collection process” has been added (and supports the escalation user option). [PHX-3717]
  • Bing: Better address support for Bing. [PHX-4051, PHX-4050, PHX 4054 & PHX-4053]
  • Public Strata API: Update to address format in the “lot” call. [PHX-4052]
  • General Ledger: Supplier filter added. [PHX-3701]
  • Global Reports: CSV option added to the “Aged Debtors – Levies” report. [PHX-4017]
  • Issue Fees: Checkbox added to select/unselect all. [PHX-4002]
  • Dual Authorisation: Chrome no longer prompts to save the password. [PHX-3509]


  • Accounts Payable: Invoices incorrectly showing as unpaid in the ledger. [PHX-3190]
  • Chart of Accounts: The code “Strata Manager” sometimes displays as “Owners Corporation Manager”. [PHX-4025]
  • Chart of Accounts: The “Minor Building Maintenance” code not displaying correctly. [PHX-2276]
  • Issue Fees: Scrambled sorting after issuing fees. [PHX-4067]
  • Issue Fees: The ‘lock date’ is now honoured. [PHX-4153]
  • Uninvoiced Disbursements: GET method not invoked when switching back to the tab. [PHX-4072]
  • Public Strata API: Authorisation table displaying ID’s instead of committee name. [PHX-3724]

Update by Leslie Leahy