Posted on August 29, 2018 Limited (Urbanise) (ASX: UBN) announces that it is undertaking a pro-rata underwritten non-renounceable Rights Issue (Offer or Rights Issue).


Key highlights of the Rights Issue

  • Fully underwritten non-renounceable Rights Issue to raise $4,094,986.24
  • Rights Issue on a 1:3.5 basis at an issue price of $0.027 per share;
  • A maximum of 151,666,157 New Shares will be issued under the Offer, resulting in total shares on issue of up to 682,497,786;
  • The Offer is fully underwritten by KTM Capital Pty Ltd (KTM) and sub underwritten by Argosy Capital Limited (Argosy);
  • Urbanise will appoint KTM as nominee as approved by ASIC on 23 August 2018 to take up the pro-rata entitlements which would otherwise have been offered to foreign shareholders;
  • Shareholders who subscribe for their full pro-rata entitlement to subscribe for New Shares (Entitlement) may apply for more new shares under a shortfall facility; and
  • Funds raised from the Offer will be used to continue the development of Urbanise’s core products, increase and improve Urbanise’s support team to support its growing client base, expand of Urbanise’s footprint in existing

ASX Release

Pro-rata Non-Renouncable Rights Issue Offer Document

Kim Clark
Company Secretary

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